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Sue Rutledge

Dennis, you encouraged the worship team this weekend to take an active part in the blogs, so let me be the first to comment on this one.

What God and I are talking about is what I should be doing with my life, my purpose in the world - besides worshiping Him and leading others to Christ - but the actual nuts and bolts. I've struggled with the "what am I supposed to be doing" question, and like many, I've been going through the motions but haven't felt like I've ever landed on the bullseye. I've done the usual school, work, travel, family, and yet something has been missing year after year...until recently. It isn't like I haven't been blessed all those years, because I have, abundantly. But there was this nagging in my heart that kept me going back to God, again and again, with the questions, "Is it time? Where do you want me now? Am I on or off the mark?" Now, I feel encouraged, rejuvenated even, because after all these years (about 20) of asking and seeking, God has finally answered. He is showing me a road that I never would have been ready for 20, or even 10 years ago. I encourage others who may feel like they are doing all the right things and yet still don't feel like it's enough, to not give up but to be always prayful about it. God is prepping you, though you may not realize it. It took me 20 years of preparation, but the joy of knowing and clearly seeing the path He has put before me, makes the wait all the more rewarding.

Lisa Sargent

Hey Dennis,
First of all, thank you for providing the opportunity to go to Saddleback Worship Conference! Wow, what an experience!

Thank you for beginning this conversation. I believe that the Lord has a path for us to follow and the other piece of this is that He will use our gifts and talents. Sometimes those may be undiscovered by us and He will allow us to see how He can use us in very different ways than we thought possible. It's appropriate and normal for us to make plans for our future, however, being flexible and open to new direction is just as important.

To me, being open means keeping that fired up relationship with Christ lit. I seem to be ready to move and shake when I'm in consistant relationship with Christ.

The worship conference was an unbelievable "vehicle" for me to think about my personal relationship with Christ and I was given so many tips on how to give my best in all areas of worship! We had such a fun time together! I hope more will go next year! Just ask Naomi... she brought out her synchronized swimming skills! What a treat! :)

Naomi Glenn

For those of you who heard about the Worship conference at Saddleback but were unable to really missed out. What I always come away with is a renewed inspiration to improve gifts God has given me and also a huge is ALL about HIM! I am so blessed enjoying the gifts and ideas that God has bestowed on many people. God is so good! I am always driven to know HIM more and encouraged that God does use just ordinary people to put His word out. I have been on vacation alot this summer and miss worshipping with my friends. God truly has blessed ALC with wonderful people! By the way... for those of you who read Lisa Sargents comments...well, first of all Lisa thank you for sharing your heart (which you always do and I am so inspired by your openness!) However, I must respond about the comment about synchonized swimming. WHAT?!!! Let this be a warning to anyone that plays games with Lisa. She WILL take you out if you don't follow her instructions!!! She tried to kill me by holding me under water for at least 10 is a good thing I can stay under water indefinitely, otherwise...I might have drowned! Okay, maybe not. Okay, maybe it was a slight exaggeration...or a huge exaggeration! Let's just say, I am going to have to go to counseling to get me over the fear of synchronized swimming. JOKING!! See...there you have it...Inspirational conference and at the same time fabulous fun bonding time with your buddies! (Lisa you rock!!)

Lisa Sargent

No, Naomi, you rock. The bonding was great and the experience under water for 10 minutes was the best. Holding your head down while your feet splashed out of control and your hands gripping my arms was a treat. Other than that, we synchronized beautifully! I hope everyone that are regular "blog" viewers understand that Naomi and I are trying to increase our synchronized swimming group so we can compete in a "group" section next year at the conference! haha! Also, I'm so glad that Naomi admits to her exaggeration problem as I would never "force" anyone to do anything they didn't want to do. Naomi had "SYNCHRONIZE WITH ME" written all over her forehead. :)

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