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Congratulations Grandpa!!! What a gift..Eli was born on our dad's birthday : ) We send our love and prayers!!!!

Tamara Cunningham

Congratulations to you, Karen and the happy parents! You are going to have so much fun spoiling him--isn't that what grandparents are for?
Love in Christ, Tamara

Tera Knox

Hey Uncle Dennis! You'll be a cool Grandad. Congratulations on little Eli - can't wait to meet him. Mom (Na-your sis) told me to check this out. You have a cool blog here...I'm wondering; how does one get anything done when there are blogs to be written and posted, and comments to be read??? I'm afraid I would get sucked in and forget what I was supposed to be doing all day! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I hope that horrible bridge collapse on the news recently didn't affect you personally. I'll pray for you when I think of it. Glad to hear you've been getting healthy physically and mentally. Feels nice to get on top of things doesn't it? I bought some insanely expensive and gorgeous running shoes recently. I don't put them away where they belong (and I would forget about using them). I let them stare at me and call..."Put me on...let's go for a jog!" So I went 3 times this week myself - Yeah! :) Okay, you take care, I hope you get to hold and kiss your grandbaby very soon. Love, Tera.

Jerry Paul

You must be overjoyed. I'm only 7 months a grandpa and just love being called that.
Take care of them...

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