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After much thought ... and research, I now know what "Prima che muoia" means. I won't reveal it here so other's may enjoy the opportunity of figuring it out on their own. Thank you for all you do and thank you for your insightful words. Jodie


things to do before I die...hmm for me there are lots. Get season tickets to broadway, go back to Scotland, EAT REAL FOOD (and like it), marry your son and raise a family, go to Norway, take a cruise somewhere,write a book or two, learn how to ballroom dance, and I would love to spend some time on the east coast. I wish you the best of luck on your Italian endevour


....hmmm...b4 I about read a book, does that count? really what I want to do is travel around in an old beat up, barely running RV and collect all fifty of the state stickers that you see on the back of RV's on a map of the you want to go Karen?....oh and I want to find out the meaning of my wife...opps I mean life...sorry Susan a little slip there....BTW you do look good in that.....hmmm...b4 I die, I hope I'm doing it...being known by Him and making Him known.

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