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Barbara Belgrave

This was a hard thing for me to understand as well, being the type A I am, until I was in a car accident and was basically out of commision for 2 years. The thing I realized was life went on without ME doing all the things I did. Others got the jobs all done, of course not as well I would have done them, lol, but they were done never the less. We don't live with perfect people in a perfect world (yet). I have also learned now when things start to get crazy, rither I have bitten off more than I should have or I need to delegate something to others, which is very hard for me but we can't do everything ourselves or God would have stopped with Adam.


Well, I believe God made us all imperfect to keep us humble so that everyday we surrender to the only truly perfect person Jesus Christ. Nobody blames you for wanting perfection, part of being a faithful Christ follower is the yearning to be like Him. In fact, we STRIVE to be like Him. Of course our shortcomings always fall inbetween us and reaching that goal. God made us this way, full of imperfections, and because of that we need to embrace them as they are part of God's perfect plan. We all love you for how much you have put into creating a beautiful atmosphere for worship. Notice that it's not really how "perfect" it all is, but really how much you've "put into it" that has earned all the recognition and respect from others. Thats where your heart is, and others see that in you. Perfection aside, it's the love, time, and commitment that you've given that is your true service to the Lord.


Let me touch him for sure. Ew.

Leanne Wesley

Wow, what perfect timing. I work at home and the computer server just went down, I thought what the heck, I will read some blogs. And I came across "resignation." My morning started with my oldest teenage daughter pushing my buttons, a doctors appointment (doctor was running behind) and now that I can finally work, server being down. I was sitting here pretty steamed, nothing in my morning has gone as I expected or wanted it to. In my mind, I would get up, get the kids off to school uneventfully, go for a short doctor appointment, and work. Didn't happen. My friend used to have a mantra "low expectations." He was always a pretty calm guy. I myself have been called high strung. ugh. I prayed about my daughter and I think God thought that situation was more important than me having the day go as I planned. There was an unforeseen conversation I had to have with her. And now as I wait for the server to come back up, I am looking outside at the sunshine (yes, sunshine!!!) and happy that I stumbled across your post. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding us to not expect a smooth life but to "roll with it" with God as my guide. Leanne

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