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I must say this is quite fitting for the current trials at wonderful Concordia University. With finals quickly approaching I have found myself isolating many of my true feelings from those closest to me. Worship yesterday, especially "Wonderful Cross," reminded me truly how amazing it is that, no matter how convinced we are that our Father is disappointed or seeing us as we do, the love incomparable is always there no matter how much i push Him away. I didn't comment before because for whatever reason I felt awkward but I truly appreciate the honesty and transparency that can be seen on this blog. It is not everyday you can find a worship pastor showing a real life version of himself for everyone to see and not just an expected Sunday morning attitude. So thank you and I look forward to reading more to come.


Thanks for keeping it real. I was reminded of your words a dozen different times last week and, each time I smiled, tearfully greatful for such honesty, and quietly reminded that we aren't alone in our funk.


Authenticity, honesty, transparency, all words that I see in changed lives where Jesus met people for real in scripture. Man I love God who doesn’t mess around! Dennis thanks for being vulnerable and not letting pride get in the way of God working. I feel many times pride is what keeps me from true authentic and genuine relations and experiences. Thanks again for being a “public” example.

BTW, does this mean we aren’t going to do anymore funk music? Mojo???


Thank you, Dennis! It never ceases to amaze me how God will put the right words in the right place at the right time!

Thanks for being human!

Maria Jesus

wow, i'm glad that i've found a very nice blog, talking about truth, i like your transparency.
God bless you!!


Yes we need each other. If some wouldn't keep ask for money. and just say we want to see you. If I felt confident to come back I would.

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