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mel giusto

What do you mean by 'worst' Dennis? These are fantastic! Design & style of these early years has already found its way back into contemporary design. I think "Country Church" is my favorite. Next runners up: "The reverend in rythm" and "Swing that Gospel Axe"

ps. I used to watch the Power Team with my dad. loved it back then. Not sure what that says about me...


I vote for Butch Yelton "Swing that Gospel Axe"

Dave Proehl

"All My Friends are Dead..." Hands down. I really like the white shoes, too. They make the outfit. Karate Preacher is a close second.


Hmmm. Wow, this is pretty tough Dennis. They are all so wonderful. "All My Friends Are Dead" -- I'm curious what the titles of the songs on this album may be... And I wonder when you'd play this album? After a funeral?


Honestly... Dennis, I think you could do a pretty decent mock up of the Reverend in Rhythm... :)


Definitely "Swing That Gospel Axe" but "Joyce" is a close second...I can't get Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Tootsie" out of my head, they look pretty similar.

Jeff Boxell

Christian Crusaders


The Simmons "The Touch of God" for sure. It brings back Partridge Family memories and how can you not like Ma Simmon's bouffant?


I have to say they are all pretty scary, but if I have to pick the "worst" I'd have to pick 'Swing That Gospel Axe'.

Alan Clother

Worst cover in my opinion is Country Church. It's hard for me to find authenticity in this foursome that isn't looking us in the eye, posed in front of a poster of a farm, and representing "country church." Maybe if they were pictured shoveling some cow manure into a pile in their bib overalls I'd be more inclined to have a listen.

I'd like to see the ALC team pose for their own worst album cover. Come on, you guys are creative!

rachel from the blog

come on people! how can you not choose the power of the Karatist Preacher in his famed album..."God's Power"?! I mean that is classic non-violet yet slightly aggressive Christianity at it's best. Don't mess with that guy and his karate chop...of love.



I think I am going to have to go with Big Al and the Christian Crusaders - even though I do want to hear the song "Swinngin that Gospel Axe".

Did you or someone I know date Joyce in High School or College - huh?

Tamara Cunningham

C'mon, admit it--these are from your personal collection. I'd have to go with "Swing that Gospel Axe". Puts a whole new spin on being "slain in the Spirit" Have to say that Ma Simmons bouffant makes her look a little like a drag queen and that has to be the world's ugliest material ever to come out of a textile mill.


Dennis, I'm gonna go with "All My Friends are Dead"- it's got to be the feel good album of the decade!


I think my pick would have to be Joyce. I used to have glasses like her and my hair was strangely similar. Love the rose great touch!
I will have to email you a picture :-)

Sue R

I can't stop laughing long enough to vote!!! hahahahaha I'd have to say I'm with Dave P. It's a tie between All My Friends Are Dead (do ya think he's having an "ah ha!" moment?) and the Karatist Preacher. All of them crack me up! What were we thinking back then???

Bill Albrecht

I have to go with "All my friends are dead". But, can ya dance to it?


Hands down, The Reverend in Rhythm! -Why? It's got a good rhythm, you can dance to it.

Ok, I shouldn't admit to it, but somehow I had Joyce in my record collection. I may have listened to part of it once. It was so inspiring I went on to be a full time musician.


The Reverend in Rythm,, reminds of "Bing Crosby" glass's, pipe, and hair cut!! Everything was so cut and dry!!

Peggy Powell

All my friends are dead. Hope I go last. 102 sounds good to me. Some of the others are too close to home. I think I wore that dress on the Simmons cover in my college ensemble in the 70's

John Thickins

These hit a little close to home...I was in some gospel quartets that looked a lot like some of these album covers! My vote has to be for "All My Friends Are Dead"; does it come with Kleenex?

Blake Shelley

I vote for "All my friends are dead..." A close second is "Swing that gospel axe"

Doug Brininstool

I am thinking there are two bad ones...
"Swing that Axe" and "All My Friends Are Dead".

Isn't Freddy Gage of all my friends are dead the same guy that is holding the axe in swing that axe???? :-) Good ole LP's I still love em.

Doug Brininstool

Oh, maybe Freddy Gage's album all my friends are dead, is his solo album, put out after his original group's Swing that axe album went


Joyce album cover has to be the spookest one. The likeness to Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie is just too much!

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