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Tamara Cunningham

Dennis--Don't you think the hairstyles of the women on "Guide Me Lord" look eerily similar to those women in the polygamist cult of Eldorado, Texas? Same clothing too. Scaaary. Also, I'd love to see the lyrics to the songs on "Satan is Real." Satan looks like something out of a cheesy 1950's horror movie. The singing midget gets my vote though--I also adore a good accordian and saxophone-driven band!


It would have to be "Let My God Love You." Please...let Him love you!...LET HIM LOVE YOU! They sound desperate.

Four Cheers for those 4 pedofiles posing as a group but with the code name: "Let me touch him".....touch who? where? Who were they really?
1. Max, the main guy on the left is now in Leavenworth, got caught on "To Catch a Predator".
2. Next to him is Willy. He had a thyroid problem and now is over 450lbs.
Worked as a model for "the comic book man" on the Simpsons
3. Hans is up next. He was in the SS and after 20 years on the run in Argentina, came home to mess with little kids. Look at his smile!!
4. Finally is Cleatus....he's just a full time dork and always has been.


Wow, Dennis.

How do you pick just one?!?

I think its a tie between the Peacemaker's and their anti-feministic approach to making the woman be a criminal... and how excited and open-armed the "Satan is Real" guys are... alittle creepy.

Of course the "Let Me Touch Him" one takes the cake.

rachel from the blog

so, I can't really pick a BEST cover because there really are a couple categories here:

1) Highest Creep Factor - and the winner is The Ministers Quartet with "Let me Touch Him"

2) Best Costumes - and the winner is The Cooper Family with "I'm God's Child"

3) Album Cover I would most like to be in - The Peacemakers with "My Faith Still Holds" (come on...SIX MEN IN POLICE UNIFORMS. haha)


Satan's Real takes the cake. The creepiness of this album cover will haunt my dreams forever.

Sue R

Ug, these are awful! With regard to The Peacemakers, everyone is commenting on the police uniforms. But what about her dress? It looks like it's made out of old "chain gang" issue - black and white striped! My vote goes to The Ministers Quartet. Not only do they appear to not be happy or joyful in any way, the name of the album gives me the creeps! 2nd place in my book goes to Dale and Billie Smith with Let My God Love You. Again, where's the joy?

Julie Cole

Were there any pictures of the "Living Waters" accapella album which featured a young singer by the name of Dennis Quick? How's that for a flashback? :) Love to Karen and your fam!

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